S3 Bonus Episode - Introducing Emily!

Introducing Series 3! In our bonus introductory episode, we meet our series expert guest – Emily Shears – and your podcast hosts, Freya, Olivia, and Parnian.

We are all influenced by deeply ingrained beliefs or inherited myths about food. Any google search will reveal a plethora of blogs, articles, influencers, and memes about food and nutrition that are unclear and misleading, if not false.

In addition, the global food industry is worth billions of dollars! With mega companies dominating every link of the supply chain, consumer choice is perhaps an illusion. It’s no surprise people are confused! 

There are many reasons for our deep misunderstanding about the science of food, not least that nutrition is an incredibly complex and a relatively new science.  

We hope you enjoy our conversations with Emily in our third series of the Nutrition Nibble Podcast. 

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