Physical fitness is a primary protector and enhancer for wellbeing and performance. The Artemis Centre provides programs and facilities that underpin its proactive approach to physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

ABOUT the ARTEMIS centre

Physical literacy is our passport to a physically active and well life.

Sport Australia defines physical literacy as…

the skills, knowledge and behaviours that give us the confidence and motivation to move throughout our lives. (2018)

A growing body of evidence supports the role of physical literacy in the overall qualitative development of a child, and the positive impact this has on their physical, cognitive, social and emotional wellbeing. By learning the fundamentals of movement and developing a positive attitude to physical activity and sport, people of all ages can gain the skills, experience and attitudes which will allow them to take part in physical activity and sport now and into the future.

Our programs are founded on a philosophy of creating fun and positive learning experiences in skill acquisition, fundamental movement and physical fitness.

Above all things, we value the importance of creating welcoming and inclusive spaces, a mindset of endeavour, goal setting and personal achievement, and a culture that values healthy habits and physical activity to support broader wellbeing and performance outcomes for life.

Head to our Programs page to learn more about our personalised Learn to Swim framework, Artemis Aquatics Swimming Club, Artemis Gymnastics and our Holiday Programs.

We welcome current, future and past students and families as well as non-MGGS students and families to join any of our growing programs.

Interested in hiring any of our spaces or partnering with us? Please visit our Facilities page to read about our state of the art indoor and outdoor spaces and facilities.


All enquiries regarding employment at the Artemis Centre can be addressed to artemis.reception@mggs.vic.edu.au or by calling +61 9862 9215.