Learn to Swim

Welcome to Artemis Learn to Swim program, where our goal is to inspire all children to love the water and be strong capable swimmers.

We believe that aquatic safety and learning to swim is a vital life skill for all Australians.

Term 2 commencing Wednesday 17 April.


Our goal is to inspire all children to love the water and to be strong, capable swimmers for life.

Artemis Aquatics was born from our vision to teach the whole family essential life skills, because we know that aquatic safety and learning to swim are vital skills for all Australians.

Based in our world-class Artemis Centre in South Yarra, Artemis Aquatics Learn to Swim is open to the whole community for school aged children at a minimum age of 4 years old.

Our distinctive Learn to Swim Program maintains a low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing us to provide individualised attention to support each child’s progress. With a focus on enjoyment and developing strong technique across all four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly), the program follows a customised and systematic approach to the development of skills, conditioning, and capabilities.

Water safety and personal survival skills feature at every level of the program, emphasising our commitment to developing confident and independent swimmers – physically, technically, socially, and cognitively.

Our Learn to Swim Framework consists of six progressive stages of learning and development:

The Artemis Aquatics Learn to Swim journey prepares our swimmers to be the swimmer they want to be…

… race-ready for school and club swim carnivals,

… competitive swimming and regular squad training,

… aquatic sports like water polo, surfing, lifesaving, triathlon, rowing, sailing or snorkeling,

… a lifetime of swimming and aquatic pursuits for fun, fitness, and recreation.

Class Types

Water Discovery

  • Duration: 30-minutes.
  • Structure: Teacher in water.
  • Class size: Three students (max).
  • Prerequisites: Minimum 4 years of age.
  • Level Focus: To develop each swimmer’s confidence in the water by learning fundamental survival skills: blowing bubbles, floating, kicking, and torpedo on both front and back.

Water Confidence

  • Duration: 30-minutes.
  • Structure: Teacher in water.
  • Class size: Four students (max).
  • Prerequisites: Ability to put face in water, blow bubbles and float independently.
  • Level Focus: To progress kicking technique in correct body position. Swimmers are introduced to freestyle and backstroke pull.

Water Independence

  • Duration: 30-minutes.
  • Structure: Teacher in water.
  • Class size: Five students (max).
  • Prerequisites: Ability to kick and swim 6 strokes (10m) on both front and back.
  • Level Focus: Continued development of freestyle and backstroke technique. Swimmers are introduced to breaststroke kick and diving from the edge.

Stroke Learning

  • Duration: 30-minutes.
  • Structure: Teacher in and out of water.
  • Class size: Six students (max).
  • Prerequisites: Ability to swim 12.5m repeats of freestyle and backstroke with consistently correct technique. Complete 25m continuously (minimum) in both kick and swim with propulsion.
  • Level Focus: Build capacity to swim multiple repeats of 25m of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke consistently with correct technique. Introduction of race skills. Introduction of speed and propulsion drills.

Stroke development

  • Duration: 45-minutes.
  • Structure: Teacher out of water.
  • Class size: Eight students (max).
  • Prerequisites: Ability to swim 25m repeats of freestyle and backstroke with consistently correct technique.
    Complete 50m continuously (minimum) in both kick and swim with speed.  
  • Level Focus: Introduction of butterfly. A focus on extending swimming capabilities across all 4 strokes, and introducing the fundamentals of squad training and racing:
    • Dive starts and turns
    • Learning how to read the clock
    • Simple speed across a range of kick, drill, swim sets

Stroke advancement

  • Duration: 60-minutes.
  • Structure: Teacher out of water.
  • Class size: Eight students (max).
  • Prerequisites: Ability to swim 50m freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.
    Ability to swim 25m butterfly.
    Hold the knowledge to perform drills across all 4 strokes.
    Understand basic training fundamentals. 
  • Level Focus: Increasing competence and confidence in a squad training environment:
    • Build familiarity with the structure of a “squad” training session: warm-up and drill progressions across all four strokes, and a main set
    • Pacing
    • Racing skills: dives, turns and reading the clock
    • Swimming at different speeds across a range of kick, drill, swim sets



Term 2 2024 commences on Wednesday 17 April and concludes on Monday 17 June.

Please visit the Artemis Envibe Customer Portal for class timetable.

FEE Structure


Levels 1 – 4 $23 / Lesson
Level 5 $28 / Lesson
Level 6 $33 / Lesson


Lessons are paid fortnightly on a Monday direct debit cycle. Each Term is between 7-9 weeks.

We run on a continuous payment model however you will not be charged for holiday periods or MGGS closures.

Dishonoured direct debits will incur a $5.50 fee charged by our debit provider, not the Artemis Centre.

*MGGS students please contact within for student discount to be applied.



Holiday Program information can be found here.

Term 2 2024 start date as listed above; registrations are only open to current swimmers as we transition to our new system! Limited spots available.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at artemis.aquatics@mggs.vic.edu.au or by calling (03) 9862 9215.

Terms And Conditions

Artemis Aquatics Lean to Swim Terms and Conditions can be found here.

These are reviewed regularly.

New to our learn to swim?

This assessment ensures that your child is teamed with the most appropriate teacher and class type. If your child is new to swimming lessons, you can enrol straight into Level 1 Water Discovery. If they have prior swimming experience, please book in for an assessment first.

Please note, an assessment does not guarantee a place in the Learn to Swim program. This is subject to current level availability. 


Due to overwhelming demand, our Learn to Swim assessment bookings are temporarily closed. 

For any program enquiries, please contact our Artemis Aquatics at artemis.aquatics@mggs.vic.edu.au.


A virtuous cycle of community

We value the importance of community, and creating a safe, welcoming and friendly environment. A majority of our teaching team are current and former Melbourne Girls Grammar students who share a passion in learning, giving back and caring for their younger sisters and brothers!

We believe that investing in ongoing teacher training and development through our mentoring program and in-house workshops is integral to their enjoyment, support and sense of belonging. Most importantly, we see the benefits of this paid forward in the swimmers taking lessons.

Led by our Head of Aquatics, Brad Harris, this ensures a graduated development pathway from learn to swim classes to our swimming club.