Learn to Swim

Welcome to Artemis Aquatics Learn to Swim.

Our goal is to inspire all children to love the water and be strong capable swimmers.

about our LEARN TO SWIM classes

Our unique Learn to Swim Program maintains a small student-to-teacher ratio to allow for more focused attention on each child’s development. The program follows a customised and personalised approach to teach skills in a logical progression from any level of skill, confidence or experience. We call this our personalised Learn To Swim framework.

Our teachers are trained to develop each swimmer on an individual basis and our small class sizes allow for a personalised experience relative to each swimmer’s ability.

We ensure that all swimmers develop sound technique in freestyle, as well as gaining a good understanding of other strokes from an early age. Water safety and personal survival skills are a primary focus at every level of the program.

The Learn to Swim program is available for late pre-school (four year olds) and primary school students.

Within the framework, there are four progressive stages of learning and development which are founded on the type of swimmer who enters the program: Beginner, Learner and Swimmer.

Learn To Swim Class Types

Water Confidence

  • 30-minute swimming lesson.
  • Teacher in water.
  • Maximum 4 students in lesson.
  • Pre-school and beginner swimmers with primary focus on water familiarisation, safety and confidence.

Water Independence

  • 30-minute swimming lesson.
  • Teacher in water.
  • Maximum 4 students in lesson.
  • For children who are confident in the water and demonstrated independence and readiness to learn the basics of freestyle and backstroke, working towards being able to swim 12 metres unassisted.

Stroke Learning

  • 30-minute swimming lesson.
  • Teacher in water.
  • Maximum 4 students in lesson.
  • For swimmers who have a solid foundation of freestyle and backstroke and can swim 12 metres unassisted. A continued focus on freestyle and backstroke technique, with aim to swim multiple lengths of 12 metres and 25 metres unassisted. Basic mechanics of breastroke kick and pull are introduced.


  • Pre-Squad classes are a stepping stone from a Learn to Swim lesson to an entry level Squad Program. Classes cater to swimmers who have developed sound freestyle and backstroke skills and are ready to be further challenged in their skill acquisition and swimming fitness.
  • 60-minute swimming lesson.
  • Teacher in and out of water.
  • Maximum 6 students in lesson.
  • Swimmers can swim multiple laps of 25 metres with a solid understanding of freestyle, backstroke and breakstroke. Swimmers in these classes will work towards building swimming fitness and capacity to swim 200m continuously, with an introduction to basic butterfly skills, dives, somersaults and turns.

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The first step is to book an assessment with one of our experienced teachers. The assessment ensures that your child is teamed with the most appropriate teacher and class type. To make an appointment, please click on the link below or email Artemis Reception. 


A virtuous cycle of community

We value the importance of community, and creating a safe, welcoming and friendly environment. A majority of our teaching team are current and former Melbourne Girls Grammar students who share a passion in learning, giving back and caring for their younger sisters and brothers!

We believe that investing in ongoing teacher training and development through our mentoring program and in-house workshops is integral to their enjoyment, support and sense of belonging. Most importantly, we see the benefits of this paid forward in the swimmers taking lessons.

Led by our Head of Aquatics, Brad Harris, this ensures a graduated development pathway from learn to swim classes to our swimming club.

FEE Structure


Class Type MGGS Student Non-MGGS Student
Learn to Swim $19.00 / class $22.00 / class
Pre-Squad $19.00 / class $22.00 / class

*Fees will be charged per term and determined by the number of weeks and classes each term.