S1 Episode 4 - Food Myths and Misinformation

In Episode 4 of the Nutrition Nibble Podcast, we share our conversation with Lisa on some common food myths and sources of misinformation in relation to nutrition and healthy eating.

Nutrition is complex, and often oversimplified in the media – and particularly social media. Food myths and misinformation are pervasive and can influence the way we think and feel about food, nutrition, cooking, and eating.

Lisa highlights some of the most common food myths, cautioning us to be careful of what we are reading, where its coming from, and who the target audience is intended to be. What might be credible and evidence-based nutritional advice for a 20-something male, will not be relevant to a teenage girl.

Lisa tackles the big question on carbohydrates and sugar, noting the obvious – they are not one and the same thing.

Finally, Lisa touches on how to know if the nutritional information you are reading is credible or not.

Thank you for listening!