Melbourne Girls Grammar recruited a team of female architects to design the Artemis Centre in response to how we know girls like to live and learn together.

aquatic zone

The swimming pool has been designed with cutting-edge technology to offer a flexible and performance enhancing environment. The Myrtha modular pool is equipped with two lanes of moveable floor allowing for training, competition, recovery sessions, water polo and learn to swim classes. This dynamic space has spectator seating on the pool concourse or alternatively spectators can enjoy outside viewing from the amphitheatre which overlooks the pool through 4 large retractable tilt glass doors. The versatility of the aquatic zone makes it ideal for a wide range of abilities and activities.

Aquatic Zone Features:

  • Size: 25m x 15m x 2m
  • Water temperature of 29°
  • 6 x 2.5m or 8 x 1.875m lanes
  • 2 lanes of moveable flooring
  • Indoor and outdoor seating
  • Pool deck access to both female and male change rooms
  • Hydraulic pool chair lift
  • Water polo goals
  • Roaming microphones and auxiliary input

The Artemis Centre swimming pool is named in honour of the Gourlay family. Louise Gourlay was School Swimming Captain in 1954 and 1955, while her sister, Prue Johnson, was Swimming Captain in 1953.

team zone

The Team Zone embodies the Artemis Centre’s commitment to wellbeing and balance, surrounded by contemporary mezzanine seating and open plan meeting spaces the multipurpose court is lit by natural light. The high-performance hardwood floors have been engineered to enhance playability and shock absorption and have netball, basketball, volleyball and badminton court markings. This exceptional space is perfect for showcasing a diverse range of sports and activities.

Team Zone Features:

  • 1 netball & basketball court with 4.40m run off on the sideline and 3m on the baseline of the court
  • 1 volleyball competition court
  • 3 x volleyball training courts
  • 4 x double badminton competition courts
  • 2 wall mounted basketball hoops for training
  • 2 dropdown net dividers to create 3 separate court spaces
  • Electronic scoreboard and shot clocks
  • PA system, roaming microphones and auxiliary input

Jump Start

The Jump Start Room is a bright and welcoming space designed specifically for children aged 3 to 10 years old. The sensory environment invites excitement, discovery and self-confidence, and the specialised gymnastics equipment is perfect for building strength, skill and coordination safely.

The Jump Start room is fitted with a trampoline and crash mat, parallel bars, single metal bar, low beams, a climbing section including ropes, trapeze and rings and an extensive array of gymnastic-based toys, games and coaching tools.

The space also caters beautifully for older children (10-14 years) participating in our cheerleading and tumbling programs.

fitness hub

The Fitness Hub in the Artemis Centre is central to our Fit for Life program.

The motivational space has been designed to cater to a range of needs and interests, from those aspiring to optimise their health and fitness potential to the emerging and elite athlete.

The Fitness Hub is well equipped with commercial grade free weights, lifting platforms, CrossFit-style rigs, multi-station jungle gym, indoor cycling spin bikes which boast a sleek design and cutting-edge technology, and a range of supplementary training tools and testing devices so that a range of training methods can be employed to bring about desired physical fitness outcomes. Such characteristics include strength, power, stability, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, jump ability, explosiveness, speed, mobility, agility, balance and footwork.


The Studio is a tranquil space which physically embodies MGGS’s commitment to wellbeing. Located on the east side of level one, the large glass windows soak the room in natural light and provide a stunning view of the Dandenong Ranges. The floor to ceiling mirrors, polished sprung hardwood floor and fixed ballet barres make it suitable for an array of activities. Whether you want to pump up the music for a high energy dance class or take a quiet moment to practice mindfulness, The Studio is a superb setting.

The Studio Features:

  • Size: 9m x 12m
  • Sprung hardwood floors
  • Full length mirrors
  • Ballet barres
  • PA system, projector, microphones and auxiliary input

Artemis Café

Located in the heart of the Artemis centre sits the Artemis Café, a thriving space for all students, teachers and the wider MGGS community.

Created by Bay Leaf Catering, the menu focuses on healthy, local Victorian produce that is always seasonal and evolving. The menu ranges from kickstart breakfasts through to ‘on the go’ snacks, pop up smoothie bar and delicious lunch options.

Local North Melbourne coffee Code Black is served with other drinks sourced from local businesses such as Capi, JT’s Market Juices and Tea Drop. There is a large balcony with interior seating that the year 9-12’s have the privilege of utilising throughout the day.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a quiet and inspiring learning space on the top floor of the Artemis Centre, exceptionally designed to visually and physically connect with the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Whilst the Learning Commons are largely used by our students for independent study, the flexibility of the space accommodates a range of functions: workshops, presentations and lectures for up to 300 people.

The Learning Commons is fitted with four whiteboards, two interactive projectors, one high definition projector, PA system, roaming microphones and auxiliary input.