Artemis Envibe

Launching in 2024, Artemis Envibe is the new system solution for our Learn to Swim program. Empowering parents and students to take a proactive role in their Swim School experience.

After a successful Learn to Swim rollout in Term 1, Gymnastics and our Holiday Programs have joined the new platform along with other MGGS only sport programs.


What’s in store for you on Artemis Envibe?

  • Increased class management: You have control over your class changes for our continuous programs! Swap day / time online via the Customer Portal. 
  • Enhanced account dashboard: Enjoy a fresh and intuitive dashboard layout that puts all your account information at your fingertips. 
  • Track your child’s progress: View the most up to date progress report of your child with real-time assessment updates from teachers.
  • Secure payment details: Securely maintain / update your payment information.
  • No more re-enrolment: You will no longer be required to re-enrol each term with the shift to a continuous enrolment model, paid via direct debit. 
  • Vouchers: For our fixed term programs, vouchers can be applied for absences due to compulsory MGGS curriculum activities. These can be used between family members on any other fixed term program, including Holiday Programs.
  • Fixed-term enrolments: For all non-continuous programs, enrolment can be done online via the Customer Portal.


How do I…


  • Create an account?

    MGGS families: If you are a parent / guardian of a student at MGGS, you will already have an Artemis Envibe account. This will require activation. Please contact Artemis Services for details on which email address is linked to your account. 

    Community families: If you are a current family that was in our Term 4, 2023 Learn to Swim program, you will already have an Artemis Envibe account. This will require activation. Please contact Artemis Services for details on which email address is linked.
    If you are new to our program, you can follow the prompts on the Customer Portal to “Log In” and “Create an Account.” This account is for you, the parent / guardian. Once you have activated your account, you can contact us to link your child/ren as associated contacts.


  • Navigate “My Dashboard”?

    When you “Log In” you will be taken to your “My Dashboard.” Here you can view the following*:

    Outstanding Payments: If you have an overdue direct debit payment, it will appear here.
    Upcoming Classes: This will only be utilised for Artemis Aquatics Squads in the future.
    Vouchers: View available vouchers, remaining balance and expiry date provided for any vouches that have been applied to your account.
    Programs: Here you can click to see your enrolments. Please note you will need to change users to view each child’s enrolments.
    Personal Details: View and update your details. MGGS families will need to update via Student Services as data will be synced via Synergetic.

    *Please note, each family member, or “User”, has their own “My Dashboard.” To view outstanding payments, enrolments, personal details for your child/ren, you will need to switch users. 


  • Navigate “My Account”?

    Click on your name in the top right-hand corner to view the drop-down menu, then click “My Account.”
    To switch between family members, you can click “Select User.”


  • View my child’s enrolments?

    Once you have selected a user on your account, you can then view that user’s “My Dashboard” and select “Programs” to view all their active enrolments. 


  • View my progress report?

    Next to each program enrolment will be the most current progress report for you to view. Remember, if you have more than one child and would like to view another report, you will need to navigate back to “My Account” and “Select User” to switch between family members.


  • Pay an outstanding balance?

    If your direct debit has failed, you will now have an outstanding balance on your account. To pay this, view “My Dashboard” and then click “Outstanding Payments.” If there is no amount there, you may need to switch to the child with the dishonoured payment. This can be done by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner and selecting “My Account” then “Select User” to switch between family members.


  • Change my lesson day / time?

    If you wish to change your day / time you may do so via the Customer Portal. Navigate to your child’s enrolment as detailed above. You can then select to move your class. Classes can be moved to any available day / time in the following week. Alternatively, please contact Artemis Aquatics for Learn to Swim classes or Artemis Services for other program enquiries. 


  • Update my personal details?

    MGGS families will need to update their account details with the school directly via Student Services. This is due to a one-way sync that occurs with Synergetic. 

    Community families may update their account details via the Customer Portal. Navigate to “My Dashboard” and then click “Personal Details” to edit your account. Please note you may need to switch between users depending on which family members’ details you are changing.


  • Reset my Customer Portal password?

    If you are unable to login and require a password reset, please click on the “Log In” button on the Customer Portal then select “Forgot Password.” You will then receive an email with a link to update your password. If you do not receive this email, please contact Artemis Services for a copy of the link.


  • Withdraw my enrolment?

    We understand sometimes your circumstances might change and you may wish to withdraw your enrolment. If this should happen, we ask that parents / guardians please contact Artemis Aquatics for Learn to Swim classes, Artemis Gymnastics for Gymnastics and Tumbling classes or Artemis Services for all other programs with a written request. Please note we require two weeks’ notice for all withdrawals. Specific details on each programs Terms and Conditions can be found on their program page linked below, or eVI for MGGS student programs.