Artemis Gymnastics

Artemis Gymnastics classes for kids are designed to develop balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and confidence. 

Gymnastics for Kids

A leading “Gymnastics for All” program in Melbourne which aims to develop strong foundations of movement, physical literacy and positive experiences to be fit and active for life.

Artemis Gymnastics classes are designed to develop balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and confidence. We offer recreational gymnastics and tumbling programs for children aged between 4 and 10 years old, with a strong focus on broadening our reach through participation and personal growth. We maintain a 1 to 8 coach to child ratio in all our classes, enabling our accredited staff to spend quality time with each student to boost their experiences and development.

Gymnastics is the perfect foundation sport and lifestyle exercise program for children, developing a holistic range of fundamental skills to benefit both recreational participation and a competitive pathway in gymnastics. Plus, it is the ideal springboard for a positive transition to other sports or physical movement passions.


Foundation Gymnastics

Age: 4–10 Years

Our Foundations Program is a recreational gymnastics program designed for students aged 4–10 years. Participants in this program follow a structured developmental program designed to guide them through a series of basic gymnastics skills as well as other important characteristics such as flexibility, strength, coordination and spatial awareness.

The Foundations Program is the perfect introduction to the range of opportunities within the gymnastics pathway.

Classes run for 45 – 60 minutes and are organised according to age and skill level.


JETS Gymnastics

Age: 5–10 Years

Mini JETS and JETS Gymnastics is an invitation-only, advanced recreational program for students aged 5–10 years. Selection is based on the skill level and behaviour expressed by the student throughout the Foundation Program. This is a non-competitive program designed to build upon the skills gained in Foundation Gymnastics and aims to progress students’ skills to best prepare them for participation in other acrobatic sports such as competitive cheerleading, diving and trampolining.

Classes run for 105 minutes and are organised according to age.



FEE Structure

Class Type MGGS Student Community
45 min Classes $17.00 / class $20.00 / class
60 min Classes $19.00 / class $22.00 / class


*A Gymnastics Australia registration fee of $15 per term is added to class fees.
*Fees are charged per term and determined by the number of weeks and classes each term.



Jump Start Room

The Jump Start Room is a bright and welcoming space designed specifically for children aged 4 to 10 years old. The sensory environment invites excitement, discovery and self-confidence, and the specialised gymnastics equipment is perfect for building strength, skill and coordination safely.

The Jump Start room is fitted with a trampoline and landing mat, parallel bars, single metal bar, low beams, airfloors, a climbing section including ropes, trapeze and rings and an extensive array of gymnastic-based toys, games and coaching tools.

The space also caters beautifully for MGGS students (Year 5 – Year 12) participating in our cheerleading and tumbling programs.

Meet The coaches

Katie Dunn

Head of Gymnastics

Katie began trampoline after watching Australian Jai Wallace soar to a silver medal at the 2000 Olympic Games. She competed at national level and transitioned to coaching and judging along the way, achieving FIG Level 2 coaching (trampoline sports) in 2016 and FIG Brevet judging (trampoline sports) since 2009. She also has head coached a women’s artistic gymnastics (WAG) Level 1 – 6 programs, holding an intermediate coaching qualification in WAG.

Her favourite events to teach are bar skills and trampoline, and strives to make becoming a confident, acrobatic gymnast achievable and fun.

Katie has a professional background in sports management and event operations, and joined Artemis Gymnastics as Program Manager and Head Coach in January 2019.

Brigitte Murphy


Brigitte’s love for gymnastics began in Friday night classes in her hometown of Deniliquin, NSW. Whilst a border at MGGS, she was a passionate member of MGGS Cheerleading and began assistant coaching. She currently is completing her Intermediate Gymnastics For All qualifications and coaches our Foundation classes.

Brigitte understands the impact coaches have on young people and strives to be a positive part in our gymnasts’ lives. She loves teaching tumbling skills and seeing an athlete’s face light up when they achieve a skill they have been working hard on. She is a vibrant, encouraging and energetic member of our coaching team.

Brigitte is currently studying a Bachelor of Communication at RMIT, majoring in Journalism. She also competes All Star cheerleading and is a big film lover and book reader.