Swimming Club

A major focus of Artemis Aquatics Swimming Club is to encourage our swimmers to lead healthy and balanced lifestyles for optimal wellbeing.

Term 3 2024 enrolments now OPEN!  

About the Swimming Club

Artemis Aquatics was founded in 2017 to inspire our community to become the swimmer they want to be by providing high quality coaching and learning experiences in skill and athletic development across a range of aquatic pursuits. 

We celebrate in providing an enjoyable, safe and healthy environment in which our swimmers can develop their skills and self-confidence for a lifelong affinity with the water, delivering classes and squad programs to suit a range of ages and abilities to cater for personal growth and development within a clear and progressive pathway.


If you are already a part of our Swimming Club, please register via the link below.

Term 3 2024 registrations NOW open!

new to artemis aquatics?

Looking to join Artemis Aquatics but not sure which squad is the most appropriate? 

Please contact our Program Administrator, Andrea Gomes, at Artemis.Aquatics@mggs.vic.edu.au to express your interest.

To organise a squad session trial, please provide details of your child’s age and swimming ability.


Competitive squads

All swimmers who join Artemis Aquatics Swimming Club are required to register with Swimming Victoria and hold a valid season membership.

Please note all swimmers under the age of 18 will need one Parent / Guardian to register as a Dry Member. This will be linked to their child’s Competitive Membership. Swimmers under the age of 18 years old, without an active Parent / Guardian Membership will have their memberships cancelled.


Senior Performance Squad   

The Senior Performance Squad is Artemis Aquatics’ elite squad for swimmers who have achieved multiple State qualifying times. 

Coaches develop these committed athletes to plan, prepare and perform at State Age and National Age Championship swim meets.  

Swimmers will focus on developing all aspects of stroke technique, mental training, racing skills and strategies to prepare for competition and will be shown weekly video analysis monitoring their training and performance progression.   

Each athlete will be provided with a dryland gym program focusing on strength, explosive power and muscle endurance. Their program will be closely monitored and adjusted according to each swimmer’s specific needs. 

Swimmers are encouraged to attend 5-7 training sessions per week and are required to complete a physical screening at the club’s preferred physiotherapist each year to provide our coaching staff with information necessary to create the most efficient strength and conditioning schedule possible. 

Swimmers in the Senior Performance Squad must become members of the Artemis Aquatics Swimming Club in order to compete at club meets. 

Junior performance squad

The Junior Performance Squad is for swimmers who have learnt the fundamentals of competitive swimming and are now aiming to achieve State qualifying times. 

This squad has a particular focus on fine-tuning technique and skills as swimmers are required to demonstrate control, coordination and awareness in their technique.   

Coaches will introduce goal setting and evaluating and swimmers are asked to challenge themselves, be motivated and have a positive work ethic.   

More complex dryland training sessions are introduced and Junior Performance Squad members are encouraged to attend 4-5 training sessions per week.    

Swimmers in the Junior Performance Squad must become members of the Artemis Aquatics Swimming Club in order to compete at club meets. 

development SQUAD

The Development Squad program is the first step in our competition pathway and caters to swimmers who are beginning their journey into squad training in a fun, friendly and educational environment. 

Swimmers are introduced to the rules of competitive swimming and trained to become consistent in their technique, skills and time management.

Those in the Development Squad are required to show consistency in all four competitive strokes and turns and will be encouraged to race 50 metres freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly at local competitions. 

The Development Squad program includes dryland training sessions to work on their strength, coordination and flexibility and swimmers are encouraged to attend 3-4 training sessions per week.

Development Squad must become members of the Artemis Aquatics Swimming Club in order to compete at club meets.

lifestyle squads


The SwimFIT Squad is a fitness-based swimming squad for participants aged 11 – 18. Swimmers should be comfortable swimming for an hour and completing an average of 2 – 3km in a session. Swimmers must complete an assessment prior to joining.

The SwimFIT squad is designed to:

  • Assist participants with their swimming technique and general swimming-based fitness;
  • Provide a cross-training option for students all year-round;
  • Provide swimmers with the opportunity to swim regularly as part of their exercise routine, without the pressure or commitment to compete. 

There are no minimum training requirements for this squad.

ADULT Swimming Program:

We are proud to partner with SwimWell, who are leaders in adult swimming improvement in the pool and open water.

Head coaches – Peter Hendriks and Charlie Evans – offer a new movement in adult squad swimming which is driven by helping adults be the best and most confident swimmer possible, no matter the current skill level.

From those with a fear of water right through to the elite swimmer, Peter and Charlie are passionate about creating “A world where people can swim any distance as easily as they might go for a stroll.” They have been active in the Bayside Swimming Community for many years and are very proud of having helped many swimmers achieve their dream of competing at Kona or swimming the English Channel.

Key features of the SwimWell Merton Squad include:

  • Stroke correction advice.
  • Achievable and realistic drills to help you make measurable change towards a better stroke.
  • Working in groups to make changes with the involvement of mentors where required for additional support.

Regular sessions run throughout the term, every Monday and Wednesday at the Artemis Centre from 6.30pm to 7.45pm.  

Sessions can be booked online via SwimWell at a cost of $20 per session. 

Book NOW!


For any SwimWell Merton Squad specific enquiries, please email Peter and Charlie at peter@swimwell.com.au

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Artemis Services by emailing artemis.services@mggs.vic.edu.au or calling 9862 9215.


Term 2 2024 Training Schedule
Concluding Saturday 22 June.

Winter Holiday 2024 Training Schedule
Commencing Monday 24 June.

Term 3 2024 Training Schedule
Commencing Tuesday 16 July.

Please see Training Schedules as below.

Coaching and Membership Fees

Competitive Squads Term Fees – MGGS Student Term Fees – Community
Development Squad N/A $353.75
Junior Performance Squad N/A $411.25
Senior Performance Squad N/A $497.50


Swimming Victoria Season Membership Yearly Fee*
2024 / 2025 National Competitor $270.16
2024 / 2025 Competitor  $258.38
2024 / 2025 Dry Member (Parent / Guardian) $20.61

*Including Swim Central fees and GST.


Lifestyle Squads* Term Fees
SwimFit Squad $135

*The SwimWell Merton Squad is booked as individual sessions online via SwimWell at a cost of $20 a session.

Meet the Coaches

Brad Harris

Head Coach

Highly experienced and accomplished swim coach with proven success working with all levels of squad programs from the development of junior squads through to high performing senior national representative swimmers. 

Andrea Gomes

Development Squad Coach & Program Administrator

Passionate about junior aged programs and nurturing younger athletes, experienced coaching all levels of squad swimmers. Leading the Development Squad, with close to 10 years’ experience in the aquatic world, both as coach and athlete.

Competition Information

Information regarding competition opportunities for Artemis Aquatics squad members will be made available shortly. External links to relevant swim competition information are listed below.