Swimmer of the Term – Term 2 – Shyla

Swimmer of the Term - Term 2 - Shyla

This year Artemis Aquatics will be introducing a new award known as Swimmer of the Term. Swimmer of the Term will recognise a member from either our Learn to Swim program or Swimming Club who has achieved significant individual growth as the result of hard work and dedication. 

Congratulations to the second recipient of our Swimmer of the Term award, Shyla.  

When four-year-old Shyla began swimming at The Artemis Centre, she was slightly nervous and uncertain of the water.

Fast forward six months and Shyla has well and truly found her confidence.

The youngster now has two lessons a week in our program and always arrives at the pool with a big eager smile on her face. Her positivity and enthusiasm is simply infectious to be around.

Shyla’s first swim teacher, Clare, describes her student’s transformation.

“I’m so impressed because when I first taught her, she was afraid to put her face in the water, but she was always ready to try and give her best effort.

“She has this can-do attitude and she knew she had to do this to improve, so she had to put in her best effort.”

During our Autumn Holiday Program, Shyla made tremendous progress. She began placing her face in the water, blowing bubbles, and began learning torpedo kicks.

Our Learn to Swim community all cheered when Shyla put her face in the water for the first time.

Angie Oo, the Artemis Centre’s Learn to Swim Coordinator explains, “When Shyla first put her face in the water, that was a big moment for everyone!” 

Shyla has now moved up a level from Water Discovery to Water Confidence.

“Shyla is the epitome of enthusiasm. Our team of teachers are grateful to be a part of her swimming journey,” explains Oo.

Congratulations Shyla on being Swimmer of the Term for Term 2!