10 reasons why gymnastics is great for kids

10 reasons why gymnastics is great for kids

Apart from the physical and developmental benefits, doing gymnastics is fun, social and incredibly rewarding. Gymnastics is all about teaching children the fundamental movement skills they need to lead a physically active and healthy life full of sport and recreation.

Here are our top 10 reasons why we think all children should do gymnastics:

Coordination and Movement Skills
Gymnastics is the basis of all sports, laying the building blocks for a range of athletic and recreational pursuits.

The Value of Persistence and Effort
Gymnastics teaches young children to try and try again to achieve even the simplest of skills. Gymnastics is not an easy sport, and can even be scary at times! However, if children try hard they will see progress. Gymnastics encourages kids to “have a go” and to keep “having a go” until they master the skill or activity. The joy of trying, learning and (eventually) being rewarded for effort is at the heart of persistence.

A gymnast falling down and getting back up while trying to master a cartwheel is learning resilience. Such an experience builds capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

Inevitably another child will learn a skill more quickly, or be chosen to lead the line for the day. Gymnastics classes children an opportunity to experience situations which help to cultivate and practice patience.

Listening skills, being mindful of others, demonstrating patience are just a few examples of self-disciplinary behaviours and nurtured with great care in gymnastics classes.

Young gymnasts learn how to ask for help from their coach and their classmates – and to offer help in return. Solving movement puzzles, learning new skills or trying something you are a little afraid of, are best achieved when working together.

Gymnastics allows kids to express themselves creatively through movement.

Setting goals and believing that you have the capacity to reach them if you work hard.

Situations often arise in gymnastics that will extend a child beyond their comfort zone. Courage is not only being brave when we fear something, but it is also a valuable trait we can call upon when we have to do something that we do not wish to do.

Is it any wonder that a child who develops all of these traits also develops self-confidence? A child who can do a class on their own, follow directions and coaching, get along with their peers, believe they are an able learner, that failing is ok, have courage and grit… is developing a very healthy and much needed level of self-confidence.


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Kate O’Sullivan, Operations Manager Artemis Programs