Splish Splash Success: Holiday Highlights & Teacher Triumphs!

Splish Splash Success: Holiday Highlights & Teacher Triumphs!

Autumn Holiday Program Recap

Our recent Autumn Holiday Program made quite a splash! After a short holiday hiatus, it was fantastic to welcome back familiar faces from our regular term-time Learn to Swim lessons, as well as greet new swimmers eager to dive into the fun at the Artemis Centre.

During these sessions, students had a great opportunity to refine their skills and tackle any challenges they faced in the water. With an additional 15 minutes dedicated to specialised training at the end of each lesson, we witnessed some promising improvements! Younger swimmers focused on deep water submersion, while older ones honed their diving, gliding, turning, and touch techniques.

We extended usual term class time from 30 to 45 minutes for levels 1-4 and our signature small class sizes allowed teachers to provide personalised attention over the two-week period. It has been incredibly rewarding to watch our students confidently navigate the deep end of the pool, relishing the extra space in the holidays to explore and grow independently.


Professional Development Day Reflections

Switching gears, our Staff Professional Development Day drew an overwhelming response. On Wednesday, April 3rd, we invited members of our Learn to Swim community in levels 1-3 for a complimentary session aimed at enhancing our teaching skills. This session gave our teachers the opportunity to put the theory component of the day into practice. It was heartening to witness such strong support from our community!

During this training, our focus was on fundamental aspects such as body positioning in the water, both on the front and back, as well as the various phases of learning Breaststroke kick. These concepts were put into practice across our youngest levels—Water Discovery, Water Confidence, and Water Independence.

The day provided a dynamic platform for our teachers to collaborate and explore new drills and activities, enriching both their own expertise and the learning experiences of our students. We’re excited to carry forward the insights gained from this day into Term 2, confident that it will lead to even greater progress and success for all involved.


Welcome back for Term 2 

As we gear up for Term 2, we’re filled with anticipation for the growth and achievements that lie ahead. Here’s to another term of making waves and celebrating victories, both big and small, at the Artemis Centre! We are looking forward to getting stuck in, seeing progressions and improvements across the board.  

Can’t wait to see you back on pool deck this afternoon!