Deep Water Week: An Exciting New Challenge!

Deep Water Week: An Exciting New Challenge!

Pushing Boundaries and Building Confidence!


Week 4 of our Learn to Swim program brought an exciting twist! Instead of the usual 0.9m pool depth, we lowered the floor to 1.5m, eliminating the option for toes to touch the bottom.

This week marked our inaugural Deep Water Week, a fresh initiative designed especially for our levels 1-3 students. These young swimmers often have limited time in the deep end, so we aimed to provide a unique experience to enhance their skills.

The primary goal was to reduce their dependence on bouncing off the pool floor, encouraging more independent swimming. The focus was on refining their breathing techniques and maintaining consistent strokes.

For our youngest participants, this week was all about stepping out of their comfort zones. We wanted to make them familiar with deeper water, ensuring they could swim confidently and safely while having a blast.

The week was filled with energy and smiles, despite a couple of nervous faces at the beginning! Our teachers relished the chance to conduct activities in this new environment, finding it both rewarding and fun.

We’re excited to plan more of these special weeks in the future, all aimed at enhancing the skills and confidence of our swimmers. 

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