Artemis Aquatics: Fun and enjoyment help nurture great swimmers

Artemis Aquatics: Fun and enjoyment help nurture great swimmers

Merton Squad coach Jorden Merrilees shares his insights into working at the Artemis Centre

Hi there! My name is Jorden Merrilees and I’m the coach of the Merton Squad at the Artemis Centre. We are an adult swim squad, who take to the water twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.15pm until 7.30pm. 

As a new member of the Artemis Aquatics Coaching Team, I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to the Artemis Aquatics program. I am a member of the Australian Dolphins Swim Team and a lifelong lover of the water. I hope that I can spread some aquatic knowledge across the Artemis and MGGS community.  


My philosophy with swimming, at all levels, is to make sure it’s fun and engaging. It’s in the fun that you will see rapid growth and improvement in swimming and lifestyle. The Artemis Centre at MGGS offers an environment that nurtures this philosophy. 


My background in swimming has stemmed from 14 years of competitive swimmingwhich culminated in my highest achievement so far, being able to compete at the World Championships (25m) in China last year. My swimming journey started at the age of three with swim lesson at my local pool in Brisbane. My family is not overly fond of water, in fact my mother and I shared pool space together when we both started lessons at the same time!

As an overly active child I took to the water at a rapid rate and quickly began to enjoy myself. Although I’ve been persistent with my swimming for well over a decade now, I only started swimming competitively at my local club at age 10 and progressed very slowly from there. I had a strong love for the water, however it wasn’t until the completion of high school and my venture to further my studies at the University in America (completing a Bachelor of Communications) that my swimming began to bear the fruits of my hard training. I support those who enjoy swimming for recreation and those seeking a competitive path. Remember that successes are not instant and sometimes it can be a waiting game.

My love for the water is evident in my lifestyle. I’ve been a Learn to Swim instructor and I know the Learn to Swim school at Artemis Aquatics is fantastic. The coaches at the Artemis Centre have a wealth of knowledge, many coming from a competitive swimming background competing at National titles. I’m also a member of the Torquay Surf Lifesaving Club and have played Water Polo and dabbled in Sailing. 

You’re invited to join us at the Merton Squad. Everyone is welcome!




Jorden Merrilees, Merton Squad Coach